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Employees 50
Monthly Visitors 6 Millions+
Monthly Visitors 6 Millions+
Technology driven Advisory Products used by a million + Buyer and Supplier
20,000+ Articles
90 lakh+ Business
400+ Paid Buyer
300+ Supplier
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Company Overview Mission: In the current age of competitiveness, tough and busy life schedule it is really a time taking thing to explore the market and find the service providers that can solve the problems. bridges the gaps between service provider and service seeker and ease off their life and work. As people don't get enough time to go outside and search the service provider due to the hectic life style but no worries we do the same for our users and provide the nearest market information. We locate your nearby service provider/vendors without any charge. It is free service and which helps you to find the best choice among lots of options. People can find multiple options for the number of services. we provide the free information so now you don't need to wait for the vacations to get your work done, just follow and get free info for your desired service/ requirement/need. is free information provider online gateways which fulfill the various needs of the user such as education and clothes, computers & electronics, fitness and health, travels and real estate, wedding and gifts, Restaurants, furniture and repairs etc. Fair Searches supports & offers various products/services and provide complete information. It is easy to access and provides number of solutions/choice. It is a leading online souk which is connecting million of users and fulfilling their needs. The company established in Year "2012" and now it is in the list of leading search engines of India. It is a platform to find consistent & required suppliers. Its registered office is based in Delhi, It has branch offices across India and approx thousands of employees are located in the different locations in the country and outside the country working as regular or freelancer. Big trading companies are associated with us. It is largest growing company which has build up an identity in the marketplace. It is playing a pioneering role to promote the business trading, marketing and sales.

Corporate Information. This website will link you to the useful websites. We help our users to keep up with the great service providers. In addition it is providing some quick links of various search portals such as Fairsearches etc. The news and stories segment provides the current stories of about marketplace and celebrities. Along with search facility "Video" segment provides other stuff to entertain and update the users. The official website was launched in Year "2012". Our goal is to provide various useful services fast & free of cost. Our service providers are available to assist the users wherever necessary. Call us on +91-8750299299 for the customer service support or any other business related query. We are social on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus.

Key Highlights

  • Services offered across various cities and towns in India
  • Well customer relationship by providing them the quick information.
  • Solution of problem is just a click away with an option to choose the best one.
  • Experienced & well trained management team
  • Advanced and scalable technology platform
  • Recognized and highly reliable company with the registration from government of India
  • Service is possible through internet, mobile internet the telephone (voice) and text (SMS).
  • It takes care of the privacy & security of the user.
  • 24 x 7 customer care support
  • Lesser number of add and pop ups to trouble the user while searching or surfing.
  • Connected with social media
  • Free services and easy to access


Asmita Baghel

Asmita Baghel - Managing Director

Asmita Baghel is Managing Director of our company. She has been working with us since 2012. She is one of the very senior officials of this company. She is having 3 years experience of Marketing.

She has been associated with some big multinational companies (MNCs). She is playing a key role in the business management & marketing of the company and also helping in planning and forecasting. She is a corporate strategy maker and developer. Her innovative ideas are responsible for the growth of the company.

Farha Naz

Farha Naz - Area HR Manager

Farha Naz work with Management Post of our company. She has been working with us since 2013. Qualifications are Management Post Graduate into Human Resource and Master in Urdu & English Language. She’s Area HR Manager in our company. Writing is her ultimate passion. Her areas of specialization are Management, Hiring & Employee Retention, Counseling, Sales & Marketing. She is having 7 years experience in the field of HR role of policy making and employee selection in the company.

Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar - Management Chief executive

Santosh Kumar, A professional Management chief executive of this company. He is also a head of the advertisement & marketing department of the company. He is a Management Post last 1 year.

Vineet Aggarwal

Anurag Kumar - Technical Organizers

Anurag Kumar is a Team Leader of Technical Organizers of this company holding a degree of Master in Computer Application. He is also a member of Advertisement Committee. He is one of the very senior employees of this company. Anurag was working last 1 year as a Technical Engineer in computer science.