Infringement Policy respects the copyrights of others and prohibits users from uploading, relocating, sharing or otherwise broadcasting any stuff on the site, or engaging in any illegal activities on the site, which violate the copyrights of others however all the content available for public access on is protected by copyright.

Fair Searches is committed regarding the Infringement rules and policy. We respond for such claims in accord with the Copyright, Trademark & Infringement Act. Our Infringement policy helps in creating a safer marketplace. This policy requires sellers and buyers or users to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Fair Searches is responsible to take right action where necessary to prohibit the use of Fair Searches services in connection with the claim of infringement. Fair Searches is permitted to take necessary action against the infringed product/details from its portal however it is not responsible or liable for loss if visitors to the site violate your copyright and distribute your copyrighted content without your permission.

Fair Searches have it's own registered brand name, trade mark, logo and other services. These are allowed to use only by the Fair Searches authorized vendors or related third parties. Fair Searches reserves the right to remove any content without prior notice. We reserve the right to cease a user's account if the user is involve in any prohibited infringement acts.

If you are registered owner and find Fair Searches portal displaying your copyrighted material without the legal rights or violating the intellectual property rights, please contact us on or report it by mailing on . You can send a notice also to the below address. Your notice/report must contain:

  • Narration of the content which is being infringed along with the relevant information to find it.
  • A clear description of infringement and website location where it is violating with valid product code.
  • A self statement about the complain that you have a strong belief of unauthorized/illegal use.
  • Legal prove of copy right ownership and A statement of penalty if it proves wrong.
  • Your name, address and email address.
  • Physical or electronic signature.
  • The serial or registration number of the registered trademark.

Note-: Your intimation would be treated urgently but don't proceed without legal rights of copyright policy, appropriate IDs and URLS. We may not entertain such incomplete complains.

* Fair Searches reserves the right to update the terms, conditions and notices of this policy without notice to anyone.