Privacy Policy is a private registered company collaborated with "Personal Information", established with the objective of online information service, promotion and marketing and trading of various products and services. provides free information to our user. While using this site your submitted personal details such as name, address, contact info etc are only for the purpose of providing you relevant & necessary information and to communicate with you for further assistance and better services. We know some of you may not like to share your identity/personal information with everyone so we respect privacy issue and assure here that your data is safe and secure with us and we don't share it with other organizations. Your information is recorded with us only for internal business purposes and fulfilling your requirement quickly. Personal Information will be safe from data assembler sites, only Fairsearches listed subscriber and advertisers will be allowed to access it for providing the services to the user and may call you on the basis of your enquiry.

We treat the Personal Information as the most sensitive data and keep it at highly protected place. There are some privacy term and pass codes process to validate the users identity before allowing them to excess, if any modification they require.

Anyone can contact us through our Contact Us page. We are assuring you to protect your privacy and information. Fairsearches privacy policy clarifies that our service is safe and secure and by using this site you are agree that we can collect, retain and use such data in accordance with our privacy policy. We take acknowledgment also before any registration so you may deny it if you don't want to provide such information but it may interrupt the registration process and abstain you from availing the overall services except those customers who have signed the related contract with us.

We are faithful to all the customers. The Personal Information is only for customizing your search, providing fast and better service, and to reach you for the assistance.

Only in certain circumstances we may share Personal Information:-

  • If the user allow us or we are obligated by law (including court order) to do so.
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