How do I register on Fair Searches.com?

Click on Sign up/Sign in and fill the generated short registration form, click agrees to the terms and policies and avail a range of offers of being a Fair Searches member.

What is free adding?

Free add is great opportunity to avail advertisement offer of your business with us free of cost. You need to post your add by yourself and we'll approve it, which will be visible in the listing also but for a limited time period. For keeping it permanent you need to register. Please Follow "Advertise" for more details.

How do I contact with the Customer Representative or post a query?

Call on our help line number +91-8750299299 or write to help@fairsearches.com Follow our Customer Care Service for more details.

How do I contact the seller?

It is very easy. Just write down your product name/service in our search menu and click the search button, select one of the suitable deals from the results. Contact details of the sellers will be display.

How do I post my business add?

Click on the "Register with Us" Follow the instructions. Your add will be enable after completing the procedure successfully. Visit Advertise for more details.

Who can join?

Anyone after completing the Sign up/Sign In process can join Fair Searches for posting valid advertisement or for searching various products/services. You must follow the Terms and Conditions of the Fair Search services.

How can Fair Searches help me?

Fair Searches helps you to find or post a business. It is easy to use and time saving. Fair Searches helps you to promote your business worldwide and works for you to find the solutions through the search results. You can get the details of best nearest marketplace to serve you.

What are the Career Options with Fair Searches?

Fair Searches announces various vacancies as per our requirements. Visit "We're Hiring" for the updates of recent hiring session.

How can I edit my profile or update my contact detail?

It's very simple. Just go to 'Accounts & Settings' and click on 'Edit' and change your profile information/contact details such as mobile number etc. You can change your Privacy Setting also.

How can I change and recover my password?

Don't worry If you forget your password or it is hacked. Just go on My Profile and Click on 'My Accounts & Settings' click 'Change Password' and put your 'Current Password' and a 'New Password' or if you forget your password click on 'Forget Password' It will inbox you the recovery option. Follow the simple steps.

My deal is done, still getting calls and E-mails. What should I do? How to select medium of information communication? How to edit or delete my search?

No worries go to your profile and update the status of your search "I am done" It will automatically de-activate all the conversation related with the query or you can edit and delete your search at anytime. You also can select communication option such as via email, via phone call or via mobile messages if getting disturbed.

How does Fair Searches maintain my privacy & information?

Fair Searches cares about the privacy and personal information. We keep all the personal information safely. Only the details what you allowed to share will be visible to the members. Click on Privacy Policy to read more about it.

Are my search queries sent to the websites?

Yes, we share your query and contact details such as Email address / Mobile number to the related vendors to fulfill your need but after approving from you and vice versa. We do our best to set your deal.

Warranties Disclaimers and Liabilities?

Fair Searches using a reliable and reasonable method of e-commerce but we don't give any warranty or promise about the products/services.

Legally Fair Searches is not liable for any profit, damages, losses such as direct or indirect, financial or personal, etc losses of any sellers or buyers. we are responsible only for the amount you paid us to avail Fair Searches Services.